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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Covers from Blog friends

After apply the Post Office Box, I will only go to check and take my letter once a week on Saturday.
This Saturday is very happy when I open the mail box..
Lots of covers inside,it is more than 10 mails. So great!
First sharing the covers and Post card sent by blog friends who exchanging covers.

First of all, this is the Postcard sending from Russian Museum in St Petersburg , Russia.
Picture shown on the card is The Mikhailovsky Palace (The Russian Museum, 1819-25.C.Rossi. and monument to Alexander Pushkin. 1957.M.Anikushin.
Thanks Alexander for this nice Postcard.

Next is the nice cover from Italy. Sent by Riccardo . Thanks !
This stamp issued on 14April 2009 for commemorating Don Primo Mazzolari on the 50th anniversary of his death. For more information about the stamp can click here.
Next is from Croatia.. Using fairy tales stamps and Europa 2001 stamps on the cover. The fairy tales stamps really nice. Thanks to Tomi .
This is cover with the special postmark on first day of issue sent by Florian.
I would like to get more information about the cover, but I don't know how to search in the Astria Post website !
Then another covers with many stamps on it sent by Kon.
Thanks for the nice cover.
Thanks all for the nice covers!!

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Anonymous said...

About the Austrian cover: The mini-sheet on the right was issued on April 6, 2004. It commemorates the freemasonry in Austria. The definitive on the left was issued on April 20, 2007. It depicts the bat Myotis brandtii.

The special postmark was issued to commemorate 225 years of Grand Lodges in Austria. It depicts the 1784 seal of the Grand Lodge Vienna.

Kind regards,