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Currently I am looking for the FDC , mint stamps , mint stamp sheetlet, mint Miniature sheet for my topic of collection : Zodiac, Cartoon and Comic, Astronomy, Planet , Lunar New Year(Monkey),Odd shaped M/S,Preserve Polar Regions and Glaciers and Beijing Olympic 2008.

Anyone interested to exchange from Malaysia or able to help please email me at:

Thank you very much.

EUROPA 2009- ASTRONOMY, Europa 2010-CHILDREN BOOK.anyone can help on this topic's stamps ,blocks, miniature sheet or FDC please contact me. My items for exchange
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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Smurfs are 50 Years Old

2008, Smurfs are celebrating 50 Years old. Really unbelievable they already 50 years old. My favourite characters till now. I like them very much. Therefore to celebrate their birthday, sure Belgium philately will do something. First coming out issuse is the ATM Labels. Issued on 25 September 2008.
Of course there will be another issue of stamps and FDC on 29 September 2008.
So I show you the first cover posted on 25 September 2009 from Belgium. With a very nice commemorative postmark on it.
If you never watch Smurfs animation , then you can go for it in YouTube. Quite lots in YouTube.
Can have more information about Smurfs from wikipedia
For sure there are another official website for Smurfs too.
There will be aution for Smurf items , which all income will be donated to UNICEF
So if you are interested can go to have a look and bid for it.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Nice cover from Czech!

I just receive a very nice cover from Czech, thanks my friends, it has the commomerative postmark from the International Stamp Exhibition held at Praga, Czech.

Take time cover from Ukraine!

Previously got doing the exchange with one of the friends from Ukraine. From the day she send the items to me, I am waiting for the cover to reach. However, after wait for around 2 months also not receive yet. I thought it is lost and inform my friends. Therefore my friends very kind and have to resend the items to me. Finally I receive the items I looking for long time for the second send.
However after I receive the items for around 3 weeks, few days ago, suddenly I receive another cover from her. So surprisingly, the first letter is reach after taking so long time.
But behind the letter I saw it is tapped by "Opened by Australia Post for Inspection by Quarantine". So strange, what is happening there? the letter not reach on because it is Quarntined?
Letter from Ukraine to Malaysia will be sent through Australia Post?
I have so many question which can't understand, maybe who know about this can help to give me the answer.
However I just wonder, inside the letter just have some FDC and stamps, why it is suspected and quarantine by the post? Really quite funny.
But one of the stamps is removed....

This two pamphlet are inside the letter to inform me that the letter is opened for inspection.