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Currently I am looking for the FDC , mint stamps , mint stamp sheetlet, mint Miniature sheet for my topic of collection : Zodiac, Cartoon and Comic, Astronomy, Planet , Lunar New Year(Monkey),Odd shaped M/S,Preserve Polar Regions and Glaciers and Beijing Olympic 2008.

Anyone interested to exchange from Malaysia or able to help please email me at:

Thank you very much.

EUROPA 2009- ASTRONOMY, Europa 2010-CHILDREN BOOK.anyone can help on this topic's stamps ,blocks, miniature sheet or FDC please contact me. My items for exchange
I have new address, please don't send anything to the address shown in previous post. Email me for the new address. Thanks

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Simpson is coming!

US Postal issue a series of Simpson's stamps on 7 May 2009. I think most of you will be familiar with this famous cartoon series on your television. I also miss the characters. Here you are, items for Simpson. Thanks to Jennefer who willing to swap with me and sending all these nice stamps and FDC.

D'oh! see the postcard first, this is a nice postcard!

This is the letter used to send me the FDC, also got one set of stamps on it.
Consider FDC from US. Speciall postmark on each cartoon character! Happy Simpson Family.
This is the stamps booklet, so surprise and happy receive this , as at first I thought just a set of stamps!!

Letter used to send me the Simpson stamps booklet.

IYA 2009 Astronomy - Serbia

Europa 2009 Astronomy is one of my main topic collection this year. Currently receive quite lots of covers and stamps for this. Really Thanks a lots my friends who are helping me to complete my collection. Will show all of those nice Astronomy items to you these day.

First of all continue to show a nice Astronomy FDC posted on day of issue from Serbia! My first cover from Serbia too. This is a registered mail and received in very good condition.
Quite obvious my friend is sending via registered, but a very weird thing happen, Malaysia Post is not treat it as registered mail as it is dropped directly into my mail box, and I don't sign for it.
Maybe they miss out this letter??
And also not sure what does it means by "AV2 Checked" ? That is from Serbia Post or Malaysia Post?? Anyone has any idea?

Then showing the Maxicard, yeah! That is too beautiful, fantastic Maxicard! So great to have them.

And this is the stamps. My friend Marina also send me two set stamps with labels. So happy to see this stamps.
Thanks a lots Marina for those so nice and beautiful items!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Covers from Philatelic Friends

After show all the covers from the group joining, now share the beautiful covers from my philatelic friends too!

Thanks Tomi for this nice Registered mail! It is from Croatia!

This is the Registered mail from Vietnam, thanks Tri Thuc.
And this is the cover from Belarus, my first cover from Belarus, nice designed cover from Nargiza, thanks.
Cover from New Zealand, thanks Rodger.
Cover from France, thanks Michelle.
And this is the nice cover from Finland. Thanks Keijo.
Cover from Slovenia.
Cover from Singapore, thanks Edmund for this nice cover.
And finally is the cover from China, thanks my friend.

Covers from Postcrossing Forum Group #2

So sorry to all my philatelic friends, quite busy currently and not update my blog for few weeks.
Actually during the weeks, received lots of covers, especially from the Postcrossing Forum RR.
Now upload those covers for sharing. If you like these nice cover are welcome to join us too!
Thanks to all the friends sending me such nice covers.

These two Italy cover sent by different people , but they choose to use the same series of stamps!

Some friends would like to join the creative cover group, then have to pick up the cryon to draw again! :)