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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Take time cover from Ukraine!

Previously got doing the exchange with one of the friends from Ukraine. From the day she send the items to me, I am waiting for the cover to reach. However, after wait for around 2 months also not receive yet. I thought it is lost and inform my friends. Therefore my friends very kind and have to resend the items to me. Finally I receive the items I looking for long time for the second send.
However after I receive the items for around 3 weeks, few days ago, suddenly I receive another cover from her. So surprisingly, the first letter is reach after taking so long time.
But behind the letter I saw it is tapped by "Opened by Australia Post for Inspection by Quarantine". So strange, what is happening there? the letter not reach on because it is Quarntined?
Letter from Ukraine to Malaysia will be sent through Australia Post?
I have so many question which can't understand, maybe who know about this can help to give me the answer.
However I just wonder, inside the letter just have some FDC and stamps, why it is suspected and quarantine by the post? Really quite funny.
But one of the stamps is removed....

This two pamphlet are inside the letter to inform me that the letter is opened for inspection.


kkkhor said...

Wow.. Nice to see your's blog with this open for inspection with the two pamphlet. The two pamphlet from Post Australia? For Malaysia I guess there will just open only, right?

lefung said...

Yes, that two pamphlet is from Post Australia. If for Malaysia they will just open it and seal back with the opened by Post tape or just a print on the letter. Previously I also got received the letter opened by Post Malaysia, will not have the pamphlet.

firstdaycover said...


Syeon said...

Hi Fung. How are you?

I think your mail had just retoured to Australia, by accident I think.

Australia had the strictest quarantine over the globe. They need to do that because the Australia continent, after separated from the mainland for so many year, had developed a very special eco-biological system. The flora and fauna here (I am now in Australia) is so "uncompetitive" that any external incomer may threaten their survivor. So they need to be very strict.

The 2 pamphlet is technically not from Aust Post. They are from Custom Department. The custom will check all incoming mail and parcel to ascertain no illegal staff are brought in.

They will check for suspicious soil, plants seeds, virus contamination etc. My parcel from Malaysia which contain clothing in there also being opened and checked.

And don't ever bring any forbidden staff into Australia, they have Heavy Fine for that.