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Monday, February 23, 2009

International Year of Astronomy 2009 - Korea

Astronomy is my main topic of collection. This year , is International Year of Asrtonomy.
For sure I have to put all my power on it. Hope that more and more items will coming soon and get helps from friends around the world. Especially from Europe! Thanks in advance.
Therefore first of all would like to show you the astronomy items from South Korea. South Korea Post also join in to celebrate this.
Real posted cover on date of issue.
Below is the information I get from the information sheet from Post of South Korea:

Countless stars embellish the night sky. Stars are the sources of mysterious and amazing legends. Depicted in our imagination, the moon has been where the rabbit mills, but the universe is now revealing its secrets one by one, as mankind’s scientific technology inexorably advances.

Commemorating the 400th anniversary of Galilwo Galilei’s observation of the night sky through a telescope, the UN declared the year 2009 as the “International Year of Astronomy.” IAU (International Astronomical Union) and UNESCO are planning to conduct a campaign in 2009 under the theme of “The Universe, Yours to Discover” in order to celebrate the amazing accomplishments that astronomy has achieved to date and to provide an opportunity to learn about and experience the fascination of astronomy. In about 140 countries around th4e world, a wide variety of activities will unfold in order to enable the citizens of the global village to experience and the beauty of the dark sky and to preserve the natural heritage of the dark night skies.

In commemoration of the “international Year of Astronomy 2009”, a new stamp featuring the mysterious look of the universe is issued. Introduced are: the Planetary Nebula NGC 3132 which looks like a planet but is actually composed of clouds of gases and dust created by the explosion of a star’s unstable outer layer; and the Whirlpool Galaxy M51 composed of hundreds of billions of stars and interstellar matter. How about taking a telescope and looking out the window into the night Sky tonight?

Date of issue : January 15, 2009
Quantity : 850 000 stamps each
Denomination: 250won
Size of stamp: 40mm x 30mm
Perforation : 13
Paper: White unwatermarked
Designer : Jiwon MO

Really thanks to my friends who help to post this cover. Now also waiting for the stamps from others.

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