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Monday, February 23, 2009

Europa 2009 Astronomy - Sweden

Sweden is the second country in the list to issue the Europa 2009 - Astronomy. First country is Greenland. I not yet manage to get any items from Greenland. But wish my friends already help me to get it then can show it to you.
So today happy to receive the items from Sweden. Thanks a lots Merja Deb who is kind enough to help me! Another very nice friend from Postcrossing.

Stamp booklet with two set of stamps.
First day of issue commemorative postmark.

FDC of Astronomy issue.

Some information for this issue from the information sheet provided by Sweden Post:

The study of the stars is an ancient tradition that over the centuries has developed into the science we know today – astronomy.

This development includes some events of quite paramount importance. One such milestone was the year 1609, when the Italian mathematician and physicist Galileo Galilei first directed his telescope toward the night sky. To mark the occasion, the UN has designated the year 2009 as the International Year of Astronomy.

The stamp designs are inspired by an international project in which Swedish scientist are playing a leading role: PoGOLite.

The instrument, a polarimeter, will measure polarization in X-rays from space.

One of the first objects to be studied by PoGOLite will be the Crab Nebula. Star charts of the designate the Crab Nebula as M1,

As it was the first object listed by the comet-hunter Charles Messier in his catalogue of phenomena that could be confused with comets.

The schematic diagram of the polarimeter shows how it is made up of hexagonal elements, assembled like a honeycomb.

So that the atmosphere does not block radiation to be measured., PoGOLite will be raised to around 40 km by balloon. This will take place at the Esrange Rocket base in Kiruna, northern Sweden.

Manus Axelsson
Astronomer at Stockholm University
And member of the PoGOLite project team

Stamp originals: Stamp and FDC design: Einar Akerlind.


ronny said...

ronny here again... just wanna know how can i ensure d covers i send r hand cancelled.. cuz when i ask some of post office, they said i wil b machine cancelled..

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LaY hOoN said...

This is beautiful .
I love astronomy :)