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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Year of the Rat

Some of the year of the Rat items received from Indonesia friends. Really nice items and I like them very much. Even Indonesia also issue Lunar New Year items. Don't know when will Post Malaysia issue such items too.


kkkhor said...

Hi, I guess Pos Malaysia can't issue the complete set of Lunner New Year stamps. Because there don't like dog & pig? hahah....

MBstamps said...

I think it depends on the belief of the persons from that country, In India people do not much believe in Lunar year or the Chinese signs, hence remote chance of Lunar stamps from India.

mae said...

hi. you have a beautiful collection here! I found your site from hopping!

I'm a postcard collector and hope you can join in my project by sending a postcard with your blog site on it so people can find it! In turn I can send you a first day cover from where I am here in the US.

Please visit my sie when you have the chance...


Velu said...

hi lefung.

Great blog you have going here. I hope you got my cards from Algeria and Gibralter.

Thanks for your letters.