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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Visit Malaysia Year 2007

As my first posting, therefore i would like to introduce my country Malaysia to all of you through a stamp issue. 2007 is visit Malaysia year. Therefore there is a stamp issued on 19 March 2007.

Introduction from the Pos Malaysia

Malaysia, a truly fascinating destination blessed with beautiful landscapes, colourful cultures as well as warm and friendly people is now ready to celebrate 2007 with joy and grandeur.

This year, it's the Visit Malaysia Year 2007, a year long celebration to commemorate Malaysia's 50th Year of Independence. It is the year full of exciting festivals and events as Malaysia welcomes its guest from around the world in one golden celebration.

Visit Malaysia Year 2007 is the occasion to rejoice and to share with the world the unique qualities and virtues that have contributed to the 50 years of Malaysia's nationhood, its achievements and attainment of peace and harmony.

Flora & Fauna

Malaysia's natural assets and rich bio-diversity lend itself quite naturally to eco-tourism. As one of the twelve mega-biologically diverse countries in the world, the nation is naturally a heaven for nature lovers. With at least 15000 species of flowering plants, 286 species of mammals, 150000 species of invertebrates,4000 species of fishes in addition to the countless micro-organisms, there is no better place in the world to experience exotic flora and fauna in their pristine tropical environment, up close and personal.

Cultures & Craft of Unity

With its rich and diverse culture, Malaysia is a showcase to a delightful array of truly Asian arts and crafts. The spirit of Malaysia's Harmonious existence is reflected through the craftwork and traditional artifacts of its people. The "tepak sireh" of the Malays, the "siah" tiffin basket of teh Baba-Nyonya, the lanterns of the Chinese and the oil lamp of the Indians, which are still used in many cultural festivals, reflect the warm hospitality and unity of the Malaysian Community.

Faces of Malaysia & Its Culinary Delight
The Malays, Chinese, Indians, the Kadazandusun of Sabah and the Ibans of Sarawak along with the many other ethnic goups have contributed to the great gastronomic heritage of Malaysia. The Malays are well-known for their satay, the Chinese for their Yee Sang, and the Indians for their Banana Leaf Rice. In East Malaysia, the Kadazandusun of Sabah is popular with a raw fish salad known as the "Hinava" while the Ibans of Sarawak are known for their "Manok Pansuh", a dish made of chicken meat stuffed in bamboo.

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