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Currently I am looking for the FDC , mint stamps , mint stamp sheetlet, mint Miniature sheet for my topic of collection : Zodiac, Cartoon and Comic, Astronomy, Planet , Lunar New Year(Monkey),Odd shaped M/S,Preserve Polar Regions and Glaciers and Beijing Olympic 2008.

Anyone interested to exchange from Malaysia or able to help please email me at:

Thank you very much.

EUROPA 2009- ASTRONOMY, Europa 2010-CHILDREN BOOK.anyone can help on this topic's stamps ,blocks, miniature sheet or FDC please contact me. My items for exchange
I have new address, please don't send anything to the address shown in previous post. Email me for the new address. Thanks

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Thanks Angel, cover from Gilbratar

Thanks for the cover.

Cover From Russia, Thanks Alexander

Another nice cover from Russia, Thanks Alexander.

Cover From China

Taiwan-Ancient Painting Cover

Nice registered first day cover with a nice red ink ATM label

Taiwan ATM Labels Cover

Nice ATM cover, the labels are in two colour, red and black.

Nice ATM cover from Belgium

Nice cover from Belgium on the day of new Franking. Really nice but unluckily when the cover in my letter box, it is raining heavily so got some impact to the cover.

Cover From Macau,200 Years of Robert Morrison Arrival in China

200 Years of Robert Morrison Arrival in China .
A set of 2 stamps with face value at 1.50 and 3.50 patacas are issued on 28/09/2007.
In cover is one of the stamp issued.

Cover From Spain, Thanks Guillermo

Here is another cover from Spain. but the postmark is not on the stamp. Actually already receive this long time ago. Just no time to take photo and post it here. Really sorry about that.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Cover From France,Thanks Eric Contesse

(Picture from France post website)The original Stampsheet really nice, total number of stamp is 10, face value is 5.4 €

Block Portrait of Areas - France with living 2007

I not sure the translation is correct not, but hopefully is correct. Really nice stamp with the nice postmark.

Nice Cover From Korea-Thanks Kim Yeon Joon

Recently received some nice cover from Mr.Kim Yeon Joon, just no time to upload it.
Really thanks for these cover and items.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cover From Italy - Thanks Riccardo

This is the First day postmark
(Picture from Italy post website)

the stamp is one of the stamp from the issue celebrating the XX Winter Olympic Games "Turin 2006". Total no of stamp is nine and date issue actually is 8.2.2006. My stamp showing is the element of Bobsledding.

PostCard From Germany, Thanks

Here is another postcard from Germany, but what is interesting??

Ha.. the postcard already missent to France, so you can see got the postmark from France, then only it come to Malaysia. Really interesting a card being post to two country...

Postcard from Sweden, Thanks

Nice postcard with four season from Sweden, in my country is humid and sunny all the year, therefore really wish to have chance go to four season country.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

PostCard From Germany

Postcard from Germany

Postcard From Thailand

Nice postcard from Thailand! From postcrossing, thanks

PostCard From Finland

Nice winter postcard from Finland

Taiwan Sending Feeling Postage Stamps

Nice Sending Feeling Postage Stamps from Taiwan.

Belgium Euro-Phila Frama Label Cover

Atm labels from Belgium for the Euro-Phila 2007

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Astronomy Items

Currently have a stamp exhibition at my town. Just visit to the exhibition and successfully get these items for my collection.

Registered Cover from Indonesia 2

Another nice registered cover from Indonesia

Cover From Korea- Extreme Sport

Thanks Kim Yeon Joon for this Extreme Sport cover. And also the Miniature sheet sending by him. Actually already received those items for a long time, just too busy with my job and no time to show it here.